Reviewable Out of Beta

It's a Real Product™ now

Exciting news: Reviewable, the code review service for GitHub, is out of beta! We've made a lot of improvements since our launch in September and many teams are now using Reviewable as part of their core workflow, so I figured it was time to drop the beta label. If you haven't visited lately you might want to give it another try.

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March 02, 2015

Saying “use Stripe” is the easy part

It's pricing a SaaS that's hard

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I've been struggling recently with how to price Reviewable. I tried reading up on the subject of pricing SaaS offerings and talked to a bunch of people but discovered that there's no consensus, and no universally applicable advice. I'm hesitant to add my voice to the cacophony but I figure it'll help me, . . .

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February 06, 2015

Building Reviewable with Firebase

And open-sourcing some tools along the way

When I started designing the tech stack for Reviewable I knew I wanted something lightweight that would allow a lone developer (me!) to put together a high quality, modern web app quickly. Most of my past experience had been with traditional client-server architectures communicating via a RESTful API, but the overhead of designing and . . .

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December 14, 2014


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